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            High Dispersive Silica Path:Home>>Products>> High Dispersive Silica
            ADD:Baishayang Fushan
                 Industrial Zone,
                 Zhangping city,
            TEL: 0086-579-86557813
            FAX: 0086-579-86567815
            E-mail: 1016883951@qq.com
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            High Dispersion Silica

            Powder, Granular or Micropearl form, Soluble in caustic alkali and hydrofluoric acid, insoluble in acids, water and various solvents.Resistance to high temperature,no combustion, good insulation properties.
            ZC-165HD, 120HD is granular silica using a special production process, applied to high-performance tires. Dispersed in the rubber with excellent results, superior processing performance, compared with the ordinary precipitated silica, with a high filler content, the wet skid resistance, low rolling resistance, heat and wear resistance, tear resistance, the flexor interference cracking were improved, instead of similar foreign products.

            ZC-165MP is a high dispersion, high purity precipitated silica. Can significantly improve the wear resistance of the rubber compound, resistant to flexion performance, heating oxidation, instead of a large number of carbon black for high-performance tires, which can effectively reduce tire rolling resistance and reduce fuel consumption and improve the wet skid resistance and safety performance . More of its outstanding performance especially in the low rolling resistance of passenger car tires, winter tires, and other applications.

            ZC-120MP: a highly dispersed, high purity precipitated silica. Can significantly increase tire grip, effectively improve tire"s wet traction and handling safety, reduce tire rolling resistance and reduce fuel consumption. In particular, application of more of its outstanding performance in the snow tire.

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